RosBags changing bags

When our baby arrives, we need a maternity bag that matches our style and helps us keep everything organized.

That’s why we designed RosBags maternity bags.

Say goodbye to baby prints everywhere and welcome to the changing bags with a feminine and modern design.
Why choose a RosBags maternity bag?
Simple, because you wear the bag, not your baby.

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If you are looking for a useful and different gift for a mother-to-be who loves to take care of her image, a maternity bag designed for her is a safe bet (and a real detail in that stage in which it seems that everything is for our baby).
What sets RosBags apart from other maternity bag brands?
Their design.

Our maternity bags are designed by mothers for mothers.

If your changing bag is going to be with you everywhere you go over the next few months (no one knows where we’ll be changing our next nappy), it had better enhance your style.

It isn’t true?

A RosBags on the outside are stylish women’s bags. Made with high quality materials (and it shows).

And although it looks no different from the rest of the bags in your wardrobe, at RosBags we’ve got some great attachments for you to hang your changing bag on your baby’s stroller.

There’s no other maternity bag more stylish and convenient for keeping everything your baby needs close at hand.

But wait, there’s more.

The magic of the bag happens when you open it and discover what’s inside.

Our chic maternity bags are ultra-spacious.

And all its pockets and compartments allow you to keep bottles, nappies, wipes… everything organized.

Keep the rhythm going!
The trendiest maternity bags for all babies
It’s a boy or a girl?

At RosBags you can choose your stylish maternity bag in neutral colors. So you can use it whether your baby is a boy or a girl.

This option is ideal when you are expecting your first child but don’t rule out increasing the family in the future, if you want the sex of your baby to be a surprise or if you want to add a good basic XXL bag to your wardrobe.

If you like maternity bags for girls or for boys specifically, we have some pink and blue tones that you will love.
And after what?
It may seem far away now, but sooner than you think, your baby will be taking his or her first steps.

Goodbye breastfeeding (or not), goodbye bottles and goodbye nappies.

And at that moment, most of us mums say goodbye to our maternity bags.

Not if yours is a RosBags maternity bag.

Because RosBags are stylish, roomy maternity bags that once you discover them, you don’t want to stop using.

As your baby grows, your chic maternity bag becomes an XXL bag that’s perfect for everyday use or for travelling.

The one that solves any situation and becomes a basic to take to the office or for a weekend getaway.

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