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Why do all changing bags have children's prints?

(All except RosBags).



Because we wear the bag, not our babies. On the outside your RosBags is a modern and feminine bag. Inside, there’s room for nappies, your laptop, your wallet or a lipstick…

Your bag, your space.

“Porque el bolso lo llevamos nosotras, no nuestros bebés. Por fuera tu RosBags es un bolso actual y femenino. Dentro, hay espacio para los pañales, el portátil, tu cartera o un pintalabios…

Tu bolso, tu espacio.”


Rosana, the master mind

Engineer and Isabella’s mommy.

One rainy day she had one of those “Where’s my mobile!” moments.

Then she wondered why, when she went out with her baby, she has to use a bag for her child and another for herself.

And at that moment, the RosBags little light bulb went off in her head.

Being Isabella’s mother has been one of the best gifts that life has given her, but also the biggest challenge: to continue being her beyond motherhood.

She is a yoga teacher who prefers to greet the sun when it is high (she is not a friend of the alarm clock). When she wakes up, she is pure energy

Anna, the fuel

An architect with business management in her DNA.

What would you do if your best friend arrived excited about her business idea but overwhelmed by everything that was coming her way?

Anna had it clear: join the adventure!

She lives in Italy and has 3 half-children (they are her husband’s, but love knows no genetics).

Since she was 5 years old, she has shared with Rosana games, exams, confessions, party nights, good news, existential crises…

Being together in RosBags is one more of their adventures together.


things you'll
want to know about RosBags:

  1. We are the most demanding judges you can imagine. We go over the sketches a thousand times and we even choose the colour of the stitching thread. Maybe in the workshop they tremble every time the phone rings and says “Its RosBags”.
  2. One in Spain, one in Italy, but we see each other several times a day to talk about RosBags… or to have a glass of wine together and reminisce about our childhood. Time goes by so fast!
  3. There are few things we like more than a nice meal with friends accompanied by a good wine. Pure pleasure.
  4. We are not the kind of people who idealise motherhood or entrepreneurship. It’s hard, very hard! But we like challenges.
  5. A dream? Sharing a house on the beach when we become grandmothers and having cocktails watching the sunset.

If you also feel that you are much more than just a mum, welcome to the RosBags universe!

Join us!

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